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Chicago Auto Accident Attorneys

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Auto accidents are frequently caused by negligence, including driver distraction or impairment or reckless driving.  In some cases, an auto accident is the result of a mechanical failure or hazardous road conditions.  Whatever the cause of the accident, the personal injury attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Auto Accident Recoveries Obtained by Attorneys at Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf, LLC:

  • $7.85 million settlement in favor of a 17 year old girl and her family after she was struck and killed by a school bus while crossing the street
  • $2.9 million dollar verdict on behalf of a motorcycle rider who was cut off in traffic by a Chicago Police car
  • $2.4 million settlement on behalf of a child passenger who suffered injuries after the car she was traveling in was struck by a semi tractor trailer while the car was stopped waiting to make a left turn.
  • $975,000 against Chicago Transit Authority when a bus driver failed to make a controlled complete stop, throwing a 72-year-old passenger against the fare box, causing internal injuries that eventually led to his death.
  • Confidential settlement against First Student Bus Company when a eight-year-old female passenger was sexually assaulted by two older students.  Another student informed the bus driver that an assault was taking place but the bus driver took no action.
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Recent Judgments and Settlements

$9.995 million : Wrongful Death of Mother following childbirth

$7.85 million: Death of pedestrian hit by school bus

$6.25 million: Cerebral palsy caused by doctor error

$6.25 million: Settlement for the death of highway construction worker hit by semi-tractor trailer.

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