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Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf Settles Case Involving Police Misconduct

Plaintiff, a 24 year old Chicago woman, who was 27 weeks pregnant, was a passenger in a friend's car driving west on Chicago Ave. near its intersection with Pulaski. A city of Chicago police officer travelling in front of them recklessly made a u-turn without activating his siren or emergency lighting, in their path causing the accident.  The trauma of the accident sent our client to the hospital where testing revealed that her unborn child was in distress and needed to be delivered immediately. The child was successfully delivered by emergency cesarian section and placed in the pediatric intensive care unit where she remained for the first three months of her life.  Baby and mother have since recovered.

Despite telling his supervising officer at the scene that he did not use his emergency lighting or siren prior to making the u-turn, a fact confirmed by all witnesses, he contradicted this statement under oath. Mitchell Hoffman and Wolf used this inconsistency to obtain this settlement.

Click to read the Chicago Sun Times article referencing this Mitchell Hoffman and Wolf settlement.


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