Pedestrian and Bicycle Injuries

Pedestrian and Bicycle Injuries.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are injured everyday on Illinois roadways and sidewalks, by negligent drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians or bicyclists or who are driving while distracted.  Pedestrians and bicyclists can also suffer injury while traveling on unsafe or defective sidewalks or roadways that are not properly maintained.  

The lawyers at Mitchell, Hoffman & Wolf, LLC, have helped pedestrians and bicyclists recover for their injuries caused by accidents with cars, trucks, buses, and trains and municipal entities.  If you have suffered injuries as a pedestrian or bicyclist, call one of our personal injury lawyers today.

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Recent Judgments and Settlements

$9.995 million : Wrongful Death of Mother following childbirth

$7.85 million: Death of pedestrian hit by school bus

$6.25 million: Cerebral palsy caused by doctor error

$6.25 million: Settlement for the death of highway construction worker hit by semi-tractor trailer.

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