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Law enforcement requires a certain amount of force, but it is not without limits.  Police officers must conduct themselves within the limits imposed on them to protect our civil liberties.  Frequently, law enforcement officials can overstep their bounds and act illegally.

If you have been the victim of police brutality or misconduct, the lawyers at Mitchell, Hoffman, & Wolf can help you protect your rights and recover for your injuries. We will investigate the details of your case and pursue the best course of action on your behalf.

We have handled cases involving:
  • Excessive use of force. Aggressive law enforcement tactics do not always amount to police misconduct but we will investigate the facts of your case to determine if the police actions were appropriate or whether they amounted to excessive use of force.
  • Misuse of Tasers. Tasers are dangerous weapons and, although their use in law enforcement is permissible in Illinois with police officers trained in proper use, injuries can occur.
  • Improper body cavity strip searches. Police officers are required to uphold and respect a suspect's civil rights at all times during an arrest and/or detainment.  Unfortunately, unethical and unscrupulous police officers sometimes abuse their power and conduct inappropriate and illegal strip searches.  When this happens, you need an experienced Chicago police misconduct attorney on your side to protect your civil liberties.
  • Reckless use of automobiles by police officers. In some situations, law enforcement will result in a high speed pursuit between a suspect and a police officer. Obviously, given the excessive speeds involved in these pursuits, they often end in an auto accident in which innocent victims can be injured.  Although police officers must take care to avoid injuring innocent people or damaging property, careless officers frequently proceed recklessly or negligently.  If you have been a victim in a high speed pursuit, contact an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Notable Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.7 million settlement against city of Evanston for use of excessive force by police in making arrest
  • Confidential group settlement on behalf of citizens for improper strip search by police officer.

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